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The Connectdec type Akudec is a strong, flexible and corrugated aluminium inner duct with a aluminium laminate outer jacket. The space between the inner and outer ducts is filled with 25 mm sound absorbing material. A non-woven barrier between the inner duct and the glass wool prevents the diffusion of glass wool particles.

The attenuator is by standard on both sides equipped with galvanized metal sleeves for direct mounting to the rigid duct work or equipment.

You can choose between the following connections (connections according EN1506):

  • 2x male (type 1)
  • male – female (type 2)
  • 2x female (type 3)
  • can be combined immediately with our air valves (e.g. DAV or DVSC)
  • air supply systems
  • air conditioning systems
  • sound attenuator
  • the reduction of noise from machines
  • handy connector between ventilation units and air duct systems