DEC International

DEC International
DEC International Ir. Hanlostraat 18-22 NL-7547 RD ENSCHEDE The Netherlands Logistika: Lübeckstraat 26 NL-7575 EE Oldenzaal The Netherlands Export manager Serbia: Mr. Dejan Banjac +381222156699
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A passion for flexibility!

Our organisation is where it is today thanks to our pride in our products, our ambition with regard to innovative objectives and our loyal, enthusiastic staff. From our production and sales facility in Netherlands, we deliver our flexible hoses and accessories to wholesalers and distributors all over the world.

Innovative and flexible

We know and understand the needs of our customers and ensure our range ties in with these. Existing products are continuously developed further, often in consultation with the client. New applications are being developed with the aim to optimise the successful sales of our customers.


Our products are created by passionate employees who understand their profession. They are fully committed to our organisation, which is characterised by many years of cooperation. We invest in the knowledge and skills of our staff so they can continue to connect with both our products and our customers. To us, safety is paramount. The workspaces are set up in such a way that we can offer our employees a safe working environment.

High-quality products

We strive to deliver high-quality products. We are known for the numerous international product certifications we have acquired in order to meet particular laws and regulations. The quality of our products is guaranteed by our many years of certification according to ISO9001:2015.


It goes without saying that we are environmentally conscious, as reflected in our company name “Dutch Environment Corporation”. We are aware of our surroundings and environment and have both consciously and unconsciously contributed to sustainable production and business for many years. We keep a keen eye on economic interests, social progress and the environment.

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